United Italian Companies


CEA is the lead company of UIC (United Italian Companies) formed by some of the most successful Italian companies based in Emilia Romagna, a region that boasts the best Italian experience in the Italian construction sector, services and industry.

The companies of the group were founded in the last century by esteemed professionals in the construction sector and they have established themselves at the top of the rankings of the sector in Italy and abroad, with great satisfaction of all the stakeholders involved in the group.

UIC can show a large operational capability in the various fields in which it is working, relying on an annual turnover of more than 500 million euros and more than 1.000 workers employed in the design, the implementation and the realization of the commissioned works.

In the construction sector, UIC operates in general and social housing, in social buildings realizes hospitals, schools, sport centers and hotels; it is also actively engaged in the construction of offices, industrial and commercial buildings, in works of plant engineering and it is strictly involved in project financing works.

The commissioning of restoration and renewal and luxury projects demonstrates the exceptional reliability that the group has in the eyes of clients, both public and private.

Giving great attention to the economics processes and the development of business trends, the group has gradually diversified its business, becoming a group with extensive ramifications, covering the real estate sector, the services for the real estate system, the energy field, with high focus on renewable and environmentally sustainable sources, the facility management and the waste management.

Numbers, works, references and results demonstrate the great solidity of the group, one of the main Italian groups operating in the sector.

Lead company

CEA Italian Construction

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